In certain cases, some non-genetic immunity disease will manifest itself with the passage of time, rendering a human body hardly capable of resisting infections. Once in a while, the immune system will attack itself or other parts of the human body, instead of guarding the human body from invading infections. This is caused by a protein called “autoantibody”. The antibodies generated by the immune system in some persons not only fail to resist infections, but also hinder their immune system. More often than not, these antibodies are spontaneous; yet on occasion, they are correlated with some other disorders (e.g. thymoma). In such case, we can test those specific antibodies which are known to cause disorders in the immune system and give rise to infections. If we believe you might suffer from any immune disorder caused by antibodies, we will proceed to subject your blood sample to an antibody test and also observe those antibody-generating cells. Once we detect some antibody hindering the immune system, we may capitalize on such detection to help with the treatment of infections.